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The incredible Red Pepper Sauce!

Red Barn Relish was formulated to be the cleanest, healthiest, and best tasting pepper relish on the market. 


Our combination of premium non-GMO, organic, and raw ingredients, is simply unmatched anywhere else in the market.

Continue reading to see why our ultra healthy Red Barn Relish can be a positive addition to your diet.

Superior Ingredients

When we created Red Barn Relish, we had a specific mission; To create the healthiest, most delicious condiment on the market, bar none.  We know there are a hundreds of different brands of pepper style sauces, but none even come close to the clean, quality ingredients, and amazing taste, of Red Barn Relish.  We'll even list our top competitors to prove it!


Click HERE to view our healthiest competitors.

For more details on our ingredients, see below.

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