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  • Why is it called relish when it doesn't have pickles in it?
    Relish as defined by Webster's Dictionary; "A condiment eaten with other food to add flavor". So although we generally think of pickle relish as the staple for relish, but relish is made with many different ingredients.
  • Where do you source your ingredients?
    Red Barn Relish uses ingredients from various trusted organic products. 70% of the ingredients are sourced from the united states (Canola, Shallot, Garlic, Prickly Ash Berry, Sugar, Sea Salt). The other 30% comes from South Korea (Gochugaru, Sesame Seeds, Soy Sauce).
  • Is Red Barn Relish a raw food?
    Red Barn Relish or it's ingredients is not cooked in any way prior to jar sealing. We simply mix our ingredients together, freshly chopped and raw. The jars are then submerged in 180 degree water for 20 minutes. At the 20 minute mark, jars are removed and rapidly cooled to create a vacuum seal. Heated and not cooked, is the best way for Red Barn Relish to retain it's raw taste, yet last for up to 12 months without refrigeration.
  • Where is Red Barn Relish made?
    Red Barn Relish is made right here in Ramona, CA.
  • I have a retail location, can I sell Red Barn Relish?
    Absolutely! Please use our contact page to send us a distributor inquiry. Depending on your location and volume, we may also be able to provide you with retail information, displays, etc.
  • Who makes Red Barn Relish?
    Red Barn Relish is made by Mini Barn Market. Mini Barn Market is a line of food and household products that we create right here at Red Barn Ranch in Ramona, CA, and off-site in our commercial kitchen.
  • Why do you use Canola Oil, isn't it unhealthy?
    Canola Oil actually sits at the top of healthy food oils. However, since 1998, the Canola plant has been subject to widespread genetic modification (GMO) to be resistant to glyphosate, which a known human carcinogen. So yes, we totally understand, and we don't recommend consuming any type of GMO based Canola Oil. That's why we use ONLY premium, Fair Trade Certified Organic, Non-GMO Canola Oil which has proven health benefits, even over First Cold Pressed Olive Oil. See our page dedicated to bringing you the facts on Canola Oil by clicking HERE.
  • Is Red Barn Relish 100% Organic?
    Yes. Red Barn Relish ingredients are 100% certified organic.
  • Is Red Barn Relish 100% Non-GMO?
    Yes. Red Barn Relish ingredients are 100% Non-GMO.
  • Does Red Barn Relish source local ingredients?
    Yes. When possible, we always source local first. Some of our ingredients like shallots and garlic may be sourced locally.
  • How does Red Barn Relish compare to other brands?
    Taste: In independent taste tests, Red Barn Relish consistently ranked at the top of the most liked flavors of available pepper relishes. Ingredients: There is no comparison in the ingredients category. Red Barn Relish finishes ahead of almost any available condiment on the market, not just pepper relish. 100% Organic, 100% Non-GMO, 100% Raw, 100% healthy. Value: At just $1.88 per ounce, Red Barn Relish costs 65% less than the average pepper relish cost of $2.95 per ounce.
  • How much is Red Barn Relish?
    Red Barn Relish retails for $15.00 per 8 ounce jar.
  • What is the Red Barn Relish texture like?
    We believe our amazing texture is just another way Red Barn Relish sets itself apart from it's competitors. Our Gochugaru goes through a proprietary hand made process that infuses it with our amazingly fresh ingredients. This not only gives Red Barn Relish it's rich and consistent flavor, but makes it the smoothest red pepper style sauce on the market.
  • Can I buy Red Barn Relish wholesale?
    Yes. Please contact us through our contact page HERE. Please give us details about your organization or bulk jar commitments, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
  • How spicy is Red Barn Relish?
    Being a Red Pepper based sauce, Red Barn Relish does have some heat. Our Gochugaru is about 4000 on the Scoville scale. If you spoon it directly from the jar, it can be nearly as spicy as a Jalapeno. Mixed into a dish or plate, it provides a wonderfully mild heat.
  • Can you eat Red Barn Relish by itself, directly from the jar?
    Absolutely. Our customers often confess that they do exactly this! Keep in mind Red Barn Relish uses only 100% Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project verified Ingredients.
  • Where can I buy Red Barn Relish?
    Currently Red Barn Relish is available at Mini Barn Market in Ramona, CA. 17111 Whirlwind Lane, Ramona, CA 92065
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