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Professional Chef Knives

When you’re passionate about quality food, you need quality tools.


Through our farm to table meal prep, we’ve tested many knives, and the ones we choose to carry in Mini Barn Market, are some of our favorites that will give you professional cutting performance, at a reasonable price.  Our knives are high quality, beautiful works of art, forged from a single piece (full tang), of high quality steel.

All of our knives are selected for a high standard of edge retention, sharpness, cutting performance, balance, and quality of build.  The selection varies as knives sell out, but we try to keep an inventory of unique steel that adheres to these qualities.  Having back stock of one particular style, or model of knife is never guaranteed.  What you see in the case is sometimes all that we have in stock.  If you see a knife you like, it's best to buy it right away, or you risk not being able to get it again. 

We offer FREE SHARPENING for all knives we sell! If your knife ever gets dull, just arrange a time to stop by Mini Barn Market for a free sharpening. 

Typical Inventory
Visit our store for exact models, pricing, & purchasing

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